Business Consulting Services

Business Performance Audit:

A must for all business. A team of experts will evaluate firm performance with respect to strategy, brand creation, governance, leadership development, product/service review, market and competitive analysis, employee engagement, customer experience and feedback, marketing review, operation and systems review, financial analysis and a comprehensive overall firm analysis. This audit helps a business understand “GAPS” and is useful in creating future success strategy.

Market Research & Feasibility Study:

Market research and feasibility is extremely helpful before a new product/service launch.

It entails understanding potential customers, existing competition, business plan and expected launch roadmap. Market research is also used to gauge current product/service efficacy, and to be aware of market trends and competitive moves.

Mastering Strategy:

Strategy is knowing what to do and what not to do. 39 Solutions will assist you in creating core values, vision, core purpose, culture and “differentiation” guidelines. The firm strategy will be linked with a business plan and growth plan in an integrated manner connecting all departments and stakeholders.

Brand Roadmap:

Brand is a PROMISE. 39 Solutions will create a roadmap that will help you become a promise to all stakeholders and not just customers and consumers. Brand development entails creating a brand plan, employee engagement, customer experience, marketing campaigns, digital media management and an integrated marketing communications plan.

Strategic Alignment Review (StAR):

Strategy and brand plans are good on paper but tough to execute. 39 Solutions will periodically audit alignment and measure performance across all stakeholders & departments towards firm’s goals. 39 Solutions’ dedicated team will also assist in the execution of plans.

Training, Coaching & Consulting:

39 Solutions’ team creates ‘personalized’ training and customized coaching for sales growth, employee engagement, customer experience improvement, interpersonal skills, leadership development, motivation, business success, and family business management.


“Sound strategy starts with having the right goal. The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

– Michael Porter