Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Elon Musk, Azim Premji, Binny Bansal, Richard Branson, Mukesh Ambani, and other business tycoons – they all have had one common factor among them. They have all created something new as a response to something they have seen in the world around them. They are called entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur is someone who sees the opportunities which agitate them into taking actions. It makes them break away from the routine path, take initiative to mobilize the resources and bring “innovative combinations” into existence which could be of value to consumers. They also maximize profits by following strategies or venturing into new products or services. This whole act of being an entrepreneur is called entrepreneurship.

Scott Shane, a famous American journalist, describes Entrepreneurship as a discovery, evaluation, exploitation of future goods and services for an individual to be self-employed. Entrepreneurship is an important driver of economic growth, productivity, innovation and employment of the society. It plays a key role in the businesses’ cycle of life. But to get into this ‘cycle of life’, there are a few traits one should possess – entrepreneurial traits! Some of the entrepreneurial traits are:

  • Get started, get ahead:

    Entrepreneurs are doers, not just dreamers. They believe in their competency, capability and they know the secret – the secret of getting ahead is getting started. Their motivation to succeed is unbeatable.

  • Original thinkers:

     No two person can read a book with the same perspective. Perspective differs and so is the thinking process. Entrepreneurs, along with having vivid perspective and creative thinking, are innovative in doing it. Whatever industry the person is in, there are high demands for out-of-the-box thoughts.

  • Risk Taking:

     They are ready to lose the sight of shore to discover new oceans. They are ready to have a meticulous fight to achieve whatever they desire for.  Steve Jobs dropped out of college to build computers in his parents’ garage. Mark Zuckerberg spent hours building Facebook instead of preparing for the tests while he was at Harvard. These entrepreneurs, along with a lot other successful people had a daring streak in them which let them embrace the risks comfortably.

  • Ownership:

     Successful entrepreneurs are never scared by the defeats. All they could hear when they encounter a defeat is “Your success story is about to begin”. That kind of mindset is possible only when they are aware of the fact that success is an outcome of personal ownership of the dreams.

  • High goals:

     Entrepreneurs resist the temptation of being in comfort zone and set their goals high. They never feel satisfied with the nibble of mediocrity. They want more and they are ready to spend their blood and sweat to achieve that.

  • Need for achievement:

    Entrepreneurs have a vision for something and a burning desire to create it. They know how to beat the competition with efforts to satisfy their craving of achieving something great.

  • The desire for independence:

     Entrepreneurs don’t like being bossed around. They are the independent souls who would like to work as an autonomous unit.

While these are the traits that an entrepreneur should possess, it is necessary to quote – None of it comes by birth. Entrepreneurs are not born, but they are made! The young minds are converted into business minds by building self-confidence, gaining in-depth knowledge, focusing in the right direction, investing considerable efforts and having an unsatisfying appetite for achievement. At the same time, the process of converting an idea into a well-established organization is rigorous. There are countless number of reasons why an idea or a venture or a business could fail, such as management mistakes, lack of experience, poor financial control, weak marketing efforts, failure to develop a strategic plan, uncontrolled growth, poor setup or location, improper inventory control, incorrect pricing of products or services, inability to take the entrepreneurial transition and others.

The innumerable reasons for a company to fail can scare any normal person. But entrepreneurs have seen the positive side and dreamt of glorious success. They plan to create their own destiny while making a difference in society. They are preparing themselves to reap unlimited benefits by leveraging their full potential. Nonetheless, either it is developing a young, immature mind to an igniting mind or converting a startup company into a big enterprise, it needs proper training from the right direction and from the right person. Training has the strange ability to empower people to realize their dreams, encourage to achieve it and improve their lives in the way they have never imagined.

“Being a visionary company requires 1 percent of vision and 99 percent of alignment”. We, at 39 solutions, being the providers of strategy and brand insights for various firms, help organizations to have that 99 percent of alignment by providing personal mentoring and RiSE mentoring. While personal mentoring are the customized solutions for individual businesses, RiSE mentoring is to enable the growth and success of the business through training using different RiSE modules such as SUN module for Leadership, MOON module for Mind and strategy, MARS for Employee Engagement and much more.

As Queen Elizabeth II rightly said, “It is all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you are properly trained”, training helps in tightening up the slack, toughening the body and polishing the spirit along with boosting the determination to achieve the dream. So, opt for the right training, put your mind to it, achieve progress and convert your big dreams into a celebrated reality!


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